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Data is the new oil,
we are the Pipeline


  • Pipeline-D™ compacts compatible machine data on your network by 116x on average, achieving better results than any other solutions on the market.

  • Pipeline-D™ is plug and play; it requires no programming or lengthy setup.

  • Pipeline-D™ is powered by our patent-pending technologies ProtoSlicer™ and BitAtomizer™, which splits and compacts your data optimally without the need of costly processing.


Reducing your financial risks and environmental footprint 


Data Optimization Service


Data Slicing & Indexing Technology


Bit-compacting Technology


Data centers are gobbling the world's electricity; we are here to feed them more responsibly.


Gather more real-time data about your soil and crops to react more quickly and efficiently, or slash related transmission costs if the increased throughput is not needed!

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Send training data to your deep learning models faster and more efficiently, and reduce the trained models' operational costs once deployed on the web!

Big data

Collect data more efficiently, reduce data clustering across your network, and improve traditional data compression times!

Business intelligence (BI)

Diminish costs associated with the collection, caching and analytics of your data and metadata!

Cloud computing

Slash data transmission fees without sacrificing latency when communicating with the users of your web services, and between your data centers!

Finance industry

Perform more transactions more quickly, with improved security!

Insurance industry

Improve the efficiency and costs of omnichannel experiences for customers, analytics management, and business automation!

Internet of things (IoT)

Reduce energy consumption of your IoT devices, or send/receive more data from/to them at a cheaper cost!


Mining industry

Improve communications in mining conditions thanks to reduced transmissions and improved caching capabilities while network connectivity is unavailable!

Oil and gas industry

Reduce energy consumption costs for tracking your pipeline network, or improve real-time detection of issues with it for quicker reactivity!

Remote networks

Diminish the risk of network congestion, while reducing overall energy consumption!

Retail trade

Process transactions faster at a reduced cost, and with improved security!

Satellite communications

Send and receive more data with the same energy consumption and hardware throughput!

Transportation industry

Improve real-time fleet tracking, and reduce the risk of data loss thanks to smaller data transmissions and improved caching capabilities while Internet services are unavailable!

Website operators

Improve users' latency for asynchronous requests, while reducing your associated back-end costs!



Let’s Work Together

Pipeline-D team (part of TS-Alpha™)

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